It's an essential step in the development of new medications.

It often takes over 12 years of research and development before a new medication has undergone the extensive testing process to ensure that it is both safe and effective. It is only the last steps of this long process that clinical testing involving humans occurs.

At Altasciences, we mainly conduct studies for generic formulations (copies) of medications which are already on the market, but we also conduct trials for new medications.

Participants are indispensible to medical research. Without them, no new medication could be improved.

Do I qualify?

If you are over the age of 18, match the gender and BMI requirements of the study, and do not regularly take any medications, you are most likely eligible to participate.

Will my height/weight qualify?

Your height and weight are calculated into a body Mass index (BMI). Our general BMI requirement is between 18.5 and 32, depending on the type of study. To see if you qualify, click the BMI calculator below.

Check your BMI

Why participate in clinical research?

To play an active role in science by helping to bring new and generic medications to market, hence lowering the costs of medication and making healthcare more affordable.

Participants who complete our studies usually receive between $300 and $4000. This stipend varies with the length of stay in our clinic and the number of follow up visits.

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