R923(B) - Open for Recruitment

Gender: Male and Female

Smoking habit: Non / Ex-smoker only

Age: 18 - 99 years old

Up to $ 5,000

BMI : 18.00 - 32.00

Food restrictions : Fast

Clinic stay

  • 4 Mar (12:00 pm) to 6 Mar (8:00 am)
  • 9 Mar (12:00 pm) to 17 Mar (8:00 am)

Return visits

  • 7 Mar (8:00 am)
  • 8 Mar (8:00 am)
  • 21 Mar (8:00 am)

Medication type

Lonafarnib is being developed to treat chronic hepatitis D virus (HDV) infection.
Dose: 50 mg lonafarnib
Ritonavir is FDA approved to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is being used in this study as a “booster” to increase the concentration of lonafarnib in your body. A “booster” is a drug that keeps your body from breaking down a drug before it works.
Dose: 100 mg ritonavir


Male volunteers must surgically sterile. Female volunteers must be surgically sterile or postmenopausal. Please call us a 701-356-4000 for more details.

This is preliminary information and changes could occur without notice