Adverse Events (or Side effects)

Risks of side effects are the reality every time you take any medication. No different from when you take a drug at home. Altasciences makes it our priority to ensure you have been well informed of all potential side effects and that you are well cared for should you be affected.

Adverse events or side effects such as headaches, dizziness, chills and nausea are the most common events which occur during studies performed at our sites.

As most of the medications tested at Altasciences are generics, these adverse events or side effects are generally well known and you will be explained exactly what to expect.

However, for studies involving new medications, our medical personnel will explain the risks associated based on the type of drug and the way it works on the body. All new medications have gone through years of development and safety testing in order to predict how it will be tolerated by humans. The years of research results are studied thoroughly by scientific experts, government authorities and an experienced ethics committee(s) prior to being approved for human consumption and evaluation.

The typical approach is to start with low drug doses and gradually increase as the safety and tolerability of the drug in humans is evaluated. After each studies, the adverse events and drug tolerability are communicated to the next new group of study participants to ensure you always have the most up to date information. In addition, each study performed at Altasciences has to be approved by an ethics committee before we can offer it to you.

While on study, if you experience any adverse event, whether related to the drug or related to living life, please reach out to any one of our medical personnel who will be with you throughout your stay.

Should you have any concerns or questions after you leave our facilities, you will be given a number where we can be reached 24/7.