Study Guidelines

Confirmation of selection tests results

Once your results are available, an employee will contact you. Please make sure your phone number and e-mail address are current.

Study Restrictions

Please refer to your Informed Consent Form / Calendar.

Please be sure to drink extra water to assure you are well hydrated for the clinical study.

Eating before arrival

No food will be allowed inside the establishment, it is strongly recommended you eat before arriving at the clinical site.


Upon arrival at the clinic, your authorized ID (e.g. drivers license) will be matched with your wrist bank and you may be assigned a specific study bed. Once you have been checked in, you will not be permitted to leave the study unit until the end of each housing period.

Personal Items

Upon arrival, all personal belongings will be checked according the following criteria:

  1. Any vitamins or topical products must have an ingredients list;
  2. The garment cannot conceal your face and/or head;

The following items are not allowed in the clinics: food, cigarettes, candy, matches, lighters, mouthwash, chewing gum, etc. They will be confiscated and returned to you upon your departure. We recommend that you bring only a minimum of items. Medication may be allowed depending on the specific research study.

Respect and Behavior

As you will be part of a group of people participating in a research study, during the clinical housing period we ask that you behave accordingly to maintain a friendly and pleasant environment.

When in the dormitories, please speak quietly to avoid disturbing those sleeping; the common areas are more suitable for conversations, movies and games.

Inappropriate or aggressive behavior towards other participants or staff will not be tolerated and may result in current or future study participation being suspended.

We always encourage your feedback and we appreciate any suggestions or comments you would like to contribute.


On occasion, the inclusion/exclusion criteria allows tobacco users. However, most of the studies do no allow smoking or tobacco use. Please be aware smoking or tobacco use will only be allowed if demanded by the protocol design.

Electronic Devices

The use of Ipods, MP3s or personal computers is permitted only with earphones or headphones.


Bedding sheets, towels and facecloth will be provided. You will need to bring your own blankets and pillows.

Bring comfortable clothes for the length of the housing period. For a 24 or 48 hour stay, it is recommended to bring the following clothes: 2 T-shirts, 1 long-sleeved sweater, 1 set of pajamas and one pair of pants as well as your undergarments, socks and slippers. Laundry facilities are not available.


You must wear shoes (or slippers) at all time in the clinic. You must also wear appropriate clothing. No circulation in undergarments is permitted outside the bed room area.

Meals and Snacks

All meals and snacks are standardized; you cannot bring your own food. Critical meals are part of the study design and are intended to assist us in determining the effect of food on drug absorption which may impact patient response.

Water Restriction

Hand washing, showers and brushing your teeth will not be allowed during the water restriction portion of any study.


At the end of the study, please leave the premises in good condition. Make sure that no personal belongings are forgotten. Luggage may be checked before departure.

Following each direct puncture blood draw, keep pressure on the site for about 2 minutes to prevent bleeding which may lead to bruising under the skin. Please dispose of the gauze in the disposal containers nearest your chair or bed.

Payments / Pro Rated for Dropouts

Typically, the stipend or compensation is given at the last visit of the study, however on occasion we may provide compensation between periods. This compensation information will be provided to you at the time of screening.

You will be compensated for time and inconvenience related to your participation in the study. During extended multiday you may be receive portions of your stipend at predetermined times during your visits to the study site with the balance of the stipend after your last study. If you do not complete the entire study, the amount you will receive will depend on the portion of the study you completed, even if the study is cancelled or stopped by the sponsor or Algorithme Pharma.

If you complete the entire study, you will receive an additional amount after the end of the study. Completion of the study means that you have completed all study activities, have provided any requested samples and attended any return/follow-up visits. If you miss an appointment or if you do not stay until the end, we will consider you have not completed the study.

The final balance is given by check (cheque) at the end of the study.


Dial 9-1-1 or go immediately to the nearest hospital.

As soon as you can, dial the 24-hour emergency phone number 701 715-0536 (a staff person will call you back as soon as possible) to inform us of your health status.

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